How alternative fuels can help the maritime industry to meet decarbonization targets

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How digitalization is providing new opportunities for ABB Turbocharging

We are living in an exciting time and need to best see how we use this opportunity to decide what to build, but either way it’s easy to see the benefits that digitalization has to offer.

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Odfjell engine upgrades underpin green finance drive

A wide-ranging programme of engine upgrades undertaken with ABB Turbocharging have contributed to Odfjell setting a benchmark for the entire shipping sector..

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How turbocharging can make a difference in the hunt for future fuels

We caught up with Raphael Ryser, Senior Expert Turbocharging and Engine Technology at ABB Turbocharging, to discover more about the part turbochargers can play when switching to alternative fuels.

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5 reasons we’re celebrating World Energy Efficiency Day

March 5 is World Energy Efficiency Day, a memorial day that’s been celebrated since 1998. Here's why we care about it here at ABB Turbocharging.

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ABB helps rail scale the heights of the Tibetan ‘Sky Road’

On the “Sky Road”, diesel locomotives, just like humans, may suffer from altitude stress due to the harsh plateau conditions, huge changes in daily temperatures, and extremely low oxygen levels. The railway’s operators have discovered it’s vital to use a turbocharger that demonstrates superior performance and continues to work well under the plateau’s conditions to resolve the problems of diesel locomotive operations at high altitudes.

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SP Energy assures on-time service with Turbo UptimeCare

In Malaysia, SP Energy occupies a key position in the country’s energy infrastructure, as the suppliers of gas engines to many manufacturing, agricultural and power generation companies across the country. The company recently moved to further increase the efficiency and timeliness of its service offering, and this led to its decision to adopt ABB’s Turbo UptimeCare. We talked to SP Energy’s managing director, Mr. Syed Kebir, to find out more.