An image showing the inside of a turbocharger

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A fleet of ships at sea
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Three ways to further boost ship engine efficiency

Increased engine and fuel efficiency is indisputably good for business, but also an increasing necessity as environmental regulations and requirements take hold. But how can ship owner-operators push their fleets harder?

An ABB engineer working on an ABB turbocharger
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How Vedanta – Cairn Oil & Gas is optimizing performance through ABB Turbocharging service agreements

Vedanta Limited – Cairn Oil & Gas has opted for service agreement with ABB to manage and maintain 43 turbochargers throughout its facilities over the next two years.

A view of an island in the Bahamas, powered by a microgrid
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Using microgrids to provide power to the world’s most remote locations

It’s easy to take electricity for granted – flick a switch and the light comes on. But life on a remote island isn’t so simple, and that’s where the microgrid concept comes in. Using the internal combustion engine and other self-sufficient power sources, islanders on even the most remote outcrops can enjoy the benefits of year-round electricity.

An image of a ship leaving port
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ABB presents future fuels roadmap

On June 24, 2021, ABB hosted a media event focusing on how and when the marine and power generation industries will adopt alternative future fuels to dramatically cut emissions. Read on for their industry insight.

A Seanergy vessel at sea
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How technology powers Seanergy’s industry leadership

Developing competitive advantage in the shipping industry is imperative, especially in periods of economic uncertainty when budget predictability and transparent operating costs are vital.