ABB engineers jump into emergency service action

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How Paramount Textile is cutting costs and improving reliability through turbocharger upgrades

After 15 years of hard operational use from its engines, Paramount began discussions with the experts in ABB Turbocharging's Service Upgrade team to find the most suitable turbocharger upgrades. Here's what happened next.

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Making the planet a better place for World Environment Day

“It’s time to wake up. To take notice. To raise our voices. It’s time to build back better for People and Planet.” These are the words behind June 5th’s World Environment Day, and it’s a message that we’re happy to back here at ABB Turbocharging.

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How Gujarat Fluorochemicals overcame technical issues and reduced maintenance costs using ABB Turbocharging’s engine upgrades

GFL currently has three engines generating power for its Ranjitnagar-based facility, including a DEUTZ engine running an ABB TPS52D01 turbocharger. Maintaining the engines and keeping them in perfect condition is critical for GFL’s operations, but High Cycle Fatigue (HCF) related to frequent variations in load led to concerns about common issues. GFL turned to ABB Turbocharging for upgrades to avoid such issues.

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7 tips to keep your main engine turbocharger healthy

Your turbocharger boosts power and efficiency of your main engine, but it’s vital to stay on top of maintenance if you want to ensure low fuel consumption along with maximum reliability. Sticking to ABB Turbocharging’s maintenance and cleaning recommendations provided in your operation manual helps as you can see from our handy tips.

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Getting girls into STEM in Scotland

Sophie Madeley and Stacey Anderson represented ABB Turbocharging UK at the 1851 Trust Maritime Roadshow for Girls, a two-day event in Rosyth, Scotland in January 2020. They talked to attending schoolgirls about the ways science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects helped them in their career development and their current roles.

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Berge Bulk is moving mountains with extra care

On October 1, ABB Turbocharging signed a Turbo LifeCycleCare agreement with one of the world’s leading dry bulk shipping companies, Singapore-based Berge Bulk. The agreement covers turbochargers on 11 of its newest vessels. We talked to the company to understand why this was a good move for Berge Bulk.