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Getting the benefit from ABB Turbocharging’s digitalization strategy

Cristian Corotto, Head of Digital Customer Solutions at ABB Turbocharging, explains how ABB’s digitalization strategy is opening up new opportunities for customers.

charge!: What is the importance of Tekomar XPERT for ABB Turbocharging?

Cristian Corotto: Tekomar XPERT is a mature product and widely proven. By uniting it with ABB’s reach, XPERT now has unique access to the global market for low- and medium-speed applications. At the same time, XPERT will be integrated into ABB’s established vessel optimization system and into ABB Ability™. Cloud solutions will allow us to have a better understanding of vessel data. Consequently, we will turn data insights into value in the physical world – that means into optimized vessel performance.

XPERT is an engine monitoring software. To what extent does it monitor turbocharger performance?

In order to assess engine performance with XPERT, turbocharger data have always been taken into account and evaluated. But – and this is important – XPERT monitors the whole engine. To use a metaphor: XPERT considers the orchestra, not just the violin – i. e. the turbocharger – although the violin is a key instrument. What’s more, XPERT can be used with any “orchestra”. And since it analyzes the performance of any two-stroke diesel main engine, any auxiliary engine and any turbocharger, whether from ABB or elsewhere, XPERT provides the best solution whatever the configuration you may find on a vessel.

What significance does digitalization have in general for ABB Turbocharging? 

By working on digital solutions you open up new opportunities for customers. Digitalization is connectivity, and by having a true understanding of customers’ needs, it allows an even greater partnership. Condition-based service approaches like Digital SIKO or the MXP® app (see charge! 2|17) show that service solutions are becoming increasingly personalized. Depending on the actual needs and possibilities, customers will have the freedom to choose between service recommendations based on exposure or fixed intervals.

Connectivity requires data sharing. How does ABB address cyber security concerns?

This is a high priority of the ABB Group. ABB has a multi-layered approach to security. This includes secure connectivity, an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure for customers with which to securely store their data, and the protection of intellectual property. ABB also regularly updates its digital security via, for instance, its Group Cyber Security Council. And it participates in standardization efforts, for example with the Data Manifesto.