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Get the most from your ABB charge! experience

Our new site exists to highlight everything that’s new at ABB Turbocharging, to look into the trends shaping our industries, to give insight into technology and engineering advances, and to offer practical advice and tips for operators.

There are some powerful, new features in ABB charge! you won’t find on other sites. To make the most of them, you should register your account. Here are three reasons why:

1. Personalized Content

When you set up your account, you can set your personal preferences for the industry sectors you wish to follow. New content in those sectors will be shown to you first. You can also choose whether in-depth technical content is presented higher or lower on the site.

2. My Magazine

See the red badges on every article. This lets you save articles to your own personal magazine for later reference. Find your saved articles using ‘My Magazine’ item in the menu at the top right.

3. Print and Offline

The whole My Magazine section can be automatically saved as a PDF for offline reading or for print – complete with a contents page, like a regular magazine. That’s ideal for a plane flight, or even a long spell at sea.

You don’t get any of those things unless you register, so pop up to the menu now and click the sign-in button to get started.

Of course, like any modern website, you can click on the sector label (e.g. Marine) to see all our content in that sector. You can also pick out the sector you’re interested in from the menu.

You can also share articles to social media and via email using the buttons at the top and bottom of each article. Please do share! It really helps bring awareness of the work we’re doing around the world to a wider audience.

We have added a selection of the most up-to-date articles from previous additions of the old ABB charge! print magazine to the site. If there are other, older articles you’re looking for, you can peruse the back issues here.

We’ll be able to publish the news as it happens, along with multimedia, so do check back regularly to see the latest from ABB Turbocharging. We hope you enjoy and get value from this new site – we’ll work as hard as possible to add fresh new content.

Image credits: Helloquence/Upsplash