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How Gujarat Fluorochemicals overcame technical issues and reduced maintenance costs using ABB Turbocharging’s engine upgrades

Gujarat Fluorochemicals (GFL) is one of India’s largest chemical producers, with a manufacturing base in Gujarat. The company’s refrigerant plant in Ranjitnagar requires a continuous supply of power to produce chemicals including chloromethanes, refrigerants and polytetrafluoro-ethylene (PTFE), and GFL has turned to internal combustion engines to supplement power from the national grid to ensure operations run reliably without any downtime.

GFL currently has three engines generating power for its Ranjitnagar-based facility, including a DEUTZ engine running an ABB TPS52D01 turbocharger. Maintaining the engines and keeping them in perfect condition is critical for GFL’s operations, but High Cycle Fatigue (HCF) related to frequent variations in load led to concerns about common issues.

Common issues caused by frequent variations in load

– Heavy oil coking during every overhaul;
– Oil leakage and smoke issues in the summer;
– Turbine blades were found thinner and below required service dimensions;
– Nozzle ring blades were bent;
– The piston ring sitting area was worn due to the heavy oil coking issue;
– Gas leakage from turbine casing inlet and engine below due to erosion of the casing surface.

In a bid to avoid such issues, GFL turned to authorized DEUTZ service provider Green Power International Pvt Ltd for advice. Green Power worked closely with the local ABB Turbocharging team to overcome operational issues and find the ideal solution.

Technical experts at ABB Turbocharging undertook a detailed analysis of the problems, before suggesting an upgrade in the form of ABB’s TPS52F32 turbocharger. Switching from GFL’s existing TPS52D01 turbocharger to the TPS52F32 is a 100% drop-in solution.

The upgraded turbocharger provides wider compressor maps and improved compressor stability, and also includes a high-efficiency, mixed flow turbine capable of pulse turbocharging. GFL benefit from advanced stabilizer technology, an oil cooled bearing casing and a comprehensive qualification program.

The TPS52F32 turbocharger was fitted to GFL’s DEUTZ engine during the final week of February, 2020, and along with offering increased reliability, the customer has also enjoyed the following benefits:

– Best possible spare part availability;
– Lower fuel consumption and lower fuel costs (a 1% saving);
– Lower thermal load, extended component lifetime;
– Increased operational flexibility;
– Higher reliability and availability;
– Lower maintenance cost and total cost of ownership (TCO).

Image credit: Crystal Kwok/Unsplash

About Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited

Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited (GFL) is a part of the $3 billion INOX Group of Companies. INOX Group is a family owned, professionally managed business group, with market leadership in diverse businesses including Industrial Gases, Refrigerants, Chemicals, Cryogenic Engineering, Renewable Energy and Entertainment.